About us

Why start Front Of Mind?

  • We believe that there is currently a widespread and urgent need for people to be able to understand and control their mental health

  • We have therefore made it our mission to help enable as many people as possible to maintain positive mental health within their own environments


How do we help?

  • We teach practical applications of the findings of research into positive psychology to help individuals to improve and maintain their mental health, and that of others, within their specific environments

  • Overall, we believe that, in order to help everyone maintain positive mental health, you must- 

1. Own it 

  • Take responsibility for maintaining positive mental health


2. Be it 

  • Take action to maintain positive mental health 

3. Share it​

  • Help others to do the same

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What do we do?

  • We teach practical, easy techniques to help maintain positive mental health through live, interactive workshops

  • All organisations can benefit from these techniques, and our past clients include corporate businesses, schools and the emergency services

  • In order to find out more about our services, click the link below.